Laranja Azul is an independent film and visual arts production company created in January 2000 by Catarina Alves Costa and Catarina Mourão. Laranja Azul wants to give voice to new authors with an original vision that reflect on contemporaneity, even in its relationship with the past.The production company was created by the two directors who felt the need to find their own space to produce, direct and edit their films.

In addition to films by Catarina Alves Costa and Catarina Mourão, Laranja Azul has produced films by other directors, such as João Ribeiro and José Filipe Costa, Joana Pontes, Daniel Blaufuks, Sílvia Firmino, Olga Ramos, Filipa Reis, João Miller Guerra, André Gil Mata, Leonor Noivo and Rossella Schillaci. Laranja Azul films are regularly presented at major international and national festivals. With a strong documentary root, Laranja Azul's productions are often situated in more hybrid territories between documentary and fiction, with a concern to work on new production models that seem more adequate to new cinematographic approaches.
Astrakan 79
Ana and Maurizio
A Ramadan in Lisbon
The Hissing of Summer Sands
A Room in the House
The Wolf's Lair
Golden Line
The Wish for Knowledge
Through Shadows
Let’s Talk About Campos
Dificilmente o que Habita Perto da Origem Abandona o Lugar
other works
2022 - Flash-back Carrilho da Graça
2021 - Parque Ribeirinho
2018 -
Public Without Rhetoric
2016 - Inside the Creative Mind
2014 - A Cegueira do Pintor
2013 - Linha do Horizonte
2012 - Lisbon Ground
2012 - Fernando Távora, Mestre
2011 - A Invenção da Glória
2010 - Casas para o Povo
2008 - Memorial à Água - Mosteiro de Santa Clara, Coimbra
2008 - Vida e Morte do Mosteiro de Santa Clara de Coimbra
2008 - O Parque
2006 - Morgadinho
2004 - Moinhos de Gavião
2001 - Máscaras
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Catarina Alves Costa
Catarina Mourão
José Filipe Costa
Daniel Blaufuks
Joana Pontes
João Ribeiro
Olga Ramos
Rossella Schillaci
Sílvia Firmino
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